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Advantage 1
Freedom of design

Shapes impossible with conventional manufacturing methods are possible.

Capable of forming complex shapes that were impossible with conventional manufacturing methods such as cutting and casting.

・ Hollow and mesh parts: Significant weight reduction

・Not machinable parts: Development of products with optimized strength and rigidity (light and durable) by analysis

Possible of molding with various steel types (materials)

It is also possible to mold various metal materials such as maraging steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, Inconel, etc.

Possible to integrally mold multiple parts

Integral molding improves assembly man-hours, reduction of welding points, and maintainability.

Advantage 2
Cost performance

Reduction of prototype production time and initial cost in development

Since it is possible to directly mold the final product, prototype molds (wood mold, sand mold, mold) are not required.
Along with this, by reducing the mold production time and initial cost, it is possible to produce the ultimate in high-mix low-volume production.

・Since it is possible to manufacture directly without the need for molds, the cost can be reduced in the case of high-mix, low-volume production such as trial production.

・Since it is possible to the weight saving significantly, the amount of waste materials is reduced.

Advantage 3

Realized a reduction in the number of parts by integrating the product shape.

By reducing the number of parts that require assembly, the burden of assembly processes and parts management is reduced.

Reduced manufacturing time and initial costs for prototypes under development.

The final product can be molded directly, so no prototype is required.
Therefore, by reducing the mold manufacturing time and initial cost, the ultimate high-mix low-volume production becomes possible.

Realization of discontinued parts

With a metal 3D printer, even scrapped parts can be molded in a short time without a mold.

Advantage 4
Weight saving

It is possible to create shapes that are difficult to reduce in weight, such as bionic designs and lattice shapes.

Since the complex shape of the hollow structure can be integrally molded, it is possible to reduce the weight of products with complex structures.


Advantage 5
Shorterning of delivery time

・ Development in a shorter time than conventional methods.
・ Simultaneous trial production of various shapes saves time.
・ Shortening the manufacturing process by reducing the number of parts.
・ Directly manufacture complicated shapes that could not be achieved by conventional methods such as cutting and casting.